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Minor UI / Menu Changes

Sry, I thought I’d post here rather than e-mail, and get some opinions.

I know 3.0 is in the works, so this might all be moot, but after a couple of years of using DropDMG, and generally enjoying it, I thought I’d drop a post on the common mistakes I make:

DropDMG [menu] > Edit Configurations

  • I keep thinking I can change some of the settings, and I can actually ‘only’ rename and delete.

DropDMG [menu] > Preferences

  • this is where I come to make my configurations and changes. I wish this was laid out a little differently, with the kind of configs and names down the left, rather than the pulldown, or somehow do a side by side comparison, as i forget what exactly each config does. (I know it’s in the status window but…).

Also, the ‘Limit Segments’, I know it’s in the Help, but the note about 4475MB being the best DVD-R size is invaluable for those DVD burning backup weekends. That ‘name processing’ pulldown still skips me, and they’re both really useful options to me.

Anyway, just my 2 yens worth (currently slightly > $0.02.)

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m doing a major interface redesign, and I think most, if not all, of these will be addressed.

DropDMG 3.0 addresses all of these requests, I believe.