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Miscellaneous comments

rather than start a whole load of new threads…

  1. using the search box for ‘tags’ seems to be case sensitive, elswhere it isn’t.

  2. having called up the tag selection window - there seems to be a delay of a second or so before I can space bar tick a tag - this causes frequent miskeying - or is this just my computer? Any way round this?

  3. having called up the tag selection window and typed a few letters of a tag the focus goes direct to the nearest match - BUT - the focus is at the bottom of the window so I can’t see matches which are below that in the alphabet - the highlighted tag should be in the middle of the window.

  4. a browser like back / forward button would be great!

  5. a browser favourites button would also be great (although a favourites tag works almost as well)

  6. user definable tag selection buttons in the toolbar would be great.

  7. is there any limit to the number of tags i can use?

  8. any chance of tag names rather than icons in the record list (I know I can hover over the tags and see the names)

  9. I don’t seem to be able to sort by tags alphabetically in the record list (it just seems to sort on presence or absence of tags)

  10. a ‘go to unfiled folder’ button on the toolbar would be great.

  11. I seem to be having problems with sparseimage files - I got a lot of corrupted files in one folder and a more recent sparseimage disc (actually a backup disc) is now inaccessible. Am I doing something wrong?

  12. I’d like some more consistency in the treatment of folders. I can add files to folders in the source list, but not the record list. Conversely I seem to be able to tag folders in the record list but not the source list - it’d be nice to be able to do both actions at both sites.

  13. The tag bar would be more convenient in the middle of the screen rather than at the bottom - where it sometimes gets in the way of the dock (I know I can move the dock)

  14. I think this has been asked before - but it would be nice to be able to add tags to multiple files in the tag bar.

  15. the ‘convert for editing’ menu option has always been greyed out - I’ve never been able to use it on html files

Don’t feel you have to reply to any / all of these comments. Keep up the brilliant work.

That’s because tag names are case sensitive.

I haven’t seen this. How are you bringing up the Tags window? How are you selecting the tag?

The current behavior matches the way the Finder and other applications work, although I agree that your way is potentially more useful.


That’s on the to-do list.

This is a bug. Right now it sorts by the abbreviation characters rather than by the tag names.

How do you plan to use this?

Well, I don’t know what you were doing. Sparse images should be reliable so long as you eject them cleanly before copying them. Of course, if there’s a problem with your disk they can be damaged like any other file. I recommend regularly checking both your disk and your mounted sparse images using Disk Utility (or, better yet, DiskWarrior).

I’ll think about this. The rationale here was that I wanted to make it very easy to drag files into a source by dropping into the records list. In the Finder, you have to be careful not to drop onto a child folder by accident.

I think it would be confusing to have certain commands sometimes apply to the source list and sometimes to the records list. This would lead to cases where, e.g., the tags bar and the tags inspector were targetting different records.

Yes, this is on the to-do list.

At present it only works on Web archives.

Re: the ‘go to unfiled folder’

Easily the most frequently used folder I go to in the source list is the ‘unfiled’ folder. Often it’s below a large number of uncollapsed tags - which I then have to collapse or scroll to the folder. A ‘go to’ button would save a few mouse steps. Alternatively having the ‘unfiled’ folder at the top of the source list would be remove the need for this.

Re: the tagging problem

if I call up the tagger (apple alt T) and type in the first few letters of my tag it goes to the appropriate tag very quickly. However if I press the space bar immediately, instead of selecting that tag, the highlight moves to the tag immediately above the selected tag. I need to wait a second or so before the space bar works properly. This problem is accentuated in folders with very large numbers of files (i.e. the main library folder)

Having just experimented a little - this happens even if I’m already in the tagger - I suspect the problem is because the program is waiting for me to type a few more letters to identify the tag - it is only giving the correct space bar behaviour once it is happy that I have settled on the tag.

on further experimentation if I type in ‘carc’ it moves to ‘carcinoma’ and then I press the enter key straightaway and then the space bar straightaway it works fine.

So you could say I’m using the keys incorrectly - but I suspect lots of other users will as well.

I’m actually planning to move the Unfiled source above the tags. I’ll also consider adding a Go menu, or something.

I see what’s happening—this is a bug. It’s looking for Space as a possible type-select character, but since spaces aren’t allowed in tag names typing Space should take you out of type-select mode and just toggle.

Just using the unfiled folder now - and it occurs to me that IF you were to ever institute a ‘go to unfiled’ button - it would be best if, once that hypothetical button was pressed, the record list showed the records from the unfiled folder, but the source list stayed as it was when you clicked the button - because like as not you may already be looking at the folder you want to copy the unfiled file into.

I realise this might contravene basic aesthetic rules and is essentially just chrome - but it would make filing smoother.

Have you considered using multiple windows, e.g. one to view Unfiled and one for filing?

Yes, I’ve used multiple windows in the past.

However as currently instituted it is too clunky. If you drag a file from one window to another, the original window stays on top (although the focus moves to the new window). Consequently for this to work you have to resize the windows so the record area in the unfiled windows doesn’t overlap the source window in the other. I’ve always hated fiddling around with windows like this - mainly because once you’ve closed the windows you have to rearrange them the next time you open them.

OK, thanks for the feedback. I have some other ideas for how to address this particular use case while still following standard interface conventions.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.2.6.

Just so you know, I feel the same way about the Unfiled situation as patnpm. Multiple windows are especially hard on a laptop. Anything that streamlines the process of filing unfiled items would be appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m working on multiple solutions for this issue.