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Missing Apple Mail Attachments

Having downloaded 5k or so mail messages into EagleFiler, I have been presented with a lengthy ‘Missing Apple Mail Attachment’ list. The manual suggests that this is because the attachments were not downloaded with the original emails and recommends that they are downloaded. However, they are already present. In this case, how do I get these copied into EagleFiler?

Any help would be much appreciated,

What makes you say that they are already present? Did you try any of the Missing Messages and Attachments remedies suggested in the manual?

Hi Michael,

Appreciate your swift reply!

I haven’t checked them all, but after scanning through various messages with attachments of the 5k, all attachments I expected to see were there. But these do not appear in my EagleFiler backup I’ve created. So to me, this implies that there needs to be a way of getting the attachments in my emails into EagleFiler. No, I haven’t tried any of the remedies yet - I find all the instructions rather daunting, but it looks as if I need to make a start on this.


One of the remedies is to view the messages in Mail, which makes Mail download the attachments. So if you did that after trying the import, the attachments may now be downloaded, and you could just try the import again.

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