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Missing "Color Palettes" tab in color picker


When using the previous version of EagleFiler (1.4.1), suddenly one of the six upper tabs in the color picker disappeared, more in particular the “Color Palettes” tab. The tab did not want to re-appear after restarting EagleFiler, creating a new library or even when upgrading to 1.4.2.

The strange thing is that the color picker works alright for other apps. I’ve attached a screenshot from EagleFiler’s color picker (bad.png) and TextEdit’s one (good.png).

How can I fix this problem?

Kind regards,

Bram Adams

PS: Would it be possible to assign a keyboard shortcut like shift-command-c to show/hide the color picker?

EagleFiler specifically hides the color list tab because many of those colors (the pattern ones) are not suitable for the places where EagleFiler uses colors. Perhaps I can change this behavior. What are you trying to accomplish?

Shift-Command-C is already in use, but you can assign your own shortcuts from the Keyboard pane of System Preferences.

I always use Apple’s predefined palette of colors (shown on good.png) instead of the other tabs or the swatches at the bottom. So, personally, I’d like to have that tab back (if this is reasonable to do).

Good idea, thanks!

While I’m working on that, you could go to TextEdit and drag your favorite colors to the bottom of the color panel. The favorites are always available in EagleFiler.

Interesting observation, thanks!

EagleFiler 1.4.3 makes all of the color picker tabs available.


Works perfectly, thanks!

Kind regards,

Bram Adams