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Missing Email

I seem to be getting emails that don’t show up in Apple Mail. SpamSieve activates it sound indicating an email has arrived and it shows up in the SpamSieve log file. It ends up in the log file multiple times with the same subject but different time stamps. The log file shows it matched a whitelist rule.

MacOS 12.2.1

An email that was in the log but not in Apple Mail showed up in Apple Mail an hour later.

This can happen if a message is stuck on your server such that Mail keeps redownloading it, but it’s already stored locally so Mail doesn’t actually save an extra copy. You could try moving the message out of the inbox in Mail and then log in via Web mail and delete the inbox copy (if it’s still there) to prevent this from happening.

Thanks Michael. I will try your suggestion. I’ve found SpamSieve very useful.

I switch a few years ago from Thunderbird and had an app that worked somewhat like SpamSieve. SpamSieve is easier to train and does a better job with spam. Overall I like the way Apple Mail works but I think it has a few quirks/bugs.


I was having the same problem when I updated to Monterey after using Spamsieve for years without issues. I uninstalled Spamsieve, then reinstalled it, and unchecked the option “auto-train with incoming mail”. Now it seems to be working perfectly. I was never aware of that option before.

It’s purely a Mail/server issue, so reinstalling SpamSieve or changing SpamSieve’s preferences won’t make a difference. It must have resolved for some other reason.

I’m sure you are right; however, I had tried everything else and it’s finally working OK. I was ready to tear my hair out with mail from more than one server going into spam, and when I trained it as “good”, it was go back to spam and wasn’t showing up on my other computers. Once I uninstalled it, reinstalled and unchecked the auto-train option, it seems to be working perfectly.

Michael, thank you for your response. After reading it, I went back to the help articles in the software, reread them, and made some additional changes related to unsubscribing to certain emails rather than training them as spam, deleting junk emails rather than training them as spam, and it’s working just as it should in Monterey. Thanks again for jabbing me to take a new look! I was spoiled by the fact that I hadn’t had issues in previous OS on my Mac.