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"Missing File" alert when pasting screen capture from clipboard...

This is great software but one niggle I have is the error I get with the following use case:

  1. Create a new RTF note
  2. Double-click it
  3. Apple-Shift-4 to copy a marquee area of the screen to the clipboard
  4. Paste into the new note
  5. Hit Apple-S to save
  6. Presented with dialogue as to whether I want to save document or Save with New Name (Default)
  7. Save as new document into EagleFiler Files location
  8. Document does not appear in EagleFiler library

Or if I click Save, the document stays in EagleFiler but a small message of the form “The file “Text-130.rtf” does not exist.” appears instead of the image.

Any ideas how am I meant to paste in images and have them preserved in my documents?

This is the problem. If you change the name of a file from outside of EagleFiler, it won’t see the new file, and it will think the old one is missing.

Yes, you can edit RTF files within EagleFiler. Just paste your image into the viewer pane, and EagleFiler will automatically convert the document from RTF to RTFD and update the name.