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Missing mboxes after Apple Mail import


I use Apple Mail for my e-mails. I manually move read emails into previously created directories (mailboxes, Apple Mail, left sidebar).

With the help of EagleFiler I would like to archive a lot of emails.

When importing into EagleFiler, I noticed the following problem:

Provided the mbox contains more than one email the mbox (the directory) is taken over into EagleFiler. That is good. :slight_smile:

If the mbox contains only one email, the email will be imported under all elements but no mbox / directory will be created in the left sidebar of EagleFiler. This is unpleasant as the overview is lost if there are a lot of emails.

Is there a solution for this problem? Can EagleFiler be adapted for this purpose?

It would also be nice if EagleFiler could save the original mbox path in a searchable way. See image


A video will follow shortly. Thank you very much.

Many greetings,

You can adjust this using the ImportLoneMessageAsMailbox esoteric preference.

Wow! It works. Thanks a lot for the quick help. :slight_smile: One question on the side: Why is it called Esoteric Preferences? :wink:

The term comes from the Eudora mail client. Some of the more popular esoteric preferences will eventually become regular preferences.