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Mixed Messages not moving from InboxSpamSieve in Outlook/Big Sur

I am getting what appears to be random messages (both Spam and Good) left in the InboxSpamSieve folder. Some good messages go to the inbox, some spam goes to the junk folder but many stay behind!

I have reinstalled everything and have the latest SpamSieve 2.9.43, the latest ‘Outlook - Filter Mailboxes’, Latest Outlook Mac 16.47, Big Sur 11.2.3. have run the tccutil resets and reenabled automation for SpamSieve and the Filter.

I saw one thread that mentioned errors int he logs but I see no errors. It DOES appear that some obvious spam is getting added to the whitelist.

The first big quesiton is why are these messages not moving? I would expect the to go one place or the other at the very least.

Thanks for any help!


Are they marked as read or unread? Is the Outlook Filter Mailboxes app running in your Dock? If you click on it, does macOS say that it’s not responding?

Please see Spammy Whitelist Rules.

Hi Michael,

  • They are all marked unread.
  • Yes, the Outlook - Filter Mailboxes app is running in my dock
  • No, it does not say Not Responing (it did prior to some other troubleshooting but now it does not)


It may help to quit and relaunch the Outlook Filter Mailboxes app. If not, you can click this link to enable some debug logging. Then when you quit and relaunch it, it will report what it’s doing in the system log, and you can send in a diagnostic report and I’ll take look.

Diagnostics just sent. This was done after a full restart. There are currently 7 messages stuck in the InboxSpamSieve folder and I sent a new message that was correctly moved to the inbox. I will leave debugging on in case you need more date form a day of filtering.


Thanks for the report. The problem seem to be that sometimes when Outlook Filter Mailboxes asks Outlook to do something (like read a message or move it to another folder), Outlook does nothing and eventually reports a timeout error:

logger: SpamSieve [Outlook Filter Mailboxes] MJTLog Error: Microsoft Outlook got an error: AppleEvent timed out.

It looks like you are on an Apple Silicon Mac, and I’ve seen this sort of problem before where an app that’s running in Rosetta times out instead of responding to an Apple event. I think it’s caused by a macOS bug. However, I think the version of Outlook that you have is a universal app. Are you perhaps running it in Rosetta on purpose? You can see whether it’s running as Intel or Apple using Activity Monitor.

It’s possible that the bug is only triggered by certain messages, so if you manually move any “stuck” ones out of InboxSpamSieve that may unblock it and allow other messages to be processed.

Hey Michael,

Looking deeper, Outlook is running native (non-rosetta) but the Outlook Filter Script is running in Intel mode. Is there a universal version of that?



I don’t think that will make a difference since from what I’ve seen what matters is the app that’s receiving the script commands. However, it’s worth a try so I made a universal version.

Hi Michael,

Just installed the universal version of the Outlook Filter and it immediately cleared all messages in the InboxSpamSieve folder. Looks like that did the trick!

Thank you,


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