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MobileMe always filters email?

I saw a posting on macintouch today that said “It’s well-known that MobileMe mail last year removed the ability to disable the Junk filter on incoming mail.”

It wasn’t well-known to me, as I’d never heard this before.

Is it true that for mobileme users, spamsieve is always filtering mail that has already been filtered by mobileme? Is there really no way to turn off the mobileme filter? Does anyone have any thoughts about the mobileme filter’s accuracy?

Yes, this is true. There is more discussion of this issue here.

I recommend checking MobileMe’s Junk mailbox for false positives.

Wow, that’s surprising. Can’t say I like that policy.

But, even worse, according to the same post on macintouch, it also screens OUTGOING mail, completely invisibly:

In one case, removal of the phrase ‘growing hostility against Frankfurt and Brussels’ allowed an E-mail message which had been blocked to be sent. Most recently, an E-mail I was sending regarding the growing unrest in Greece has been blocked.
It’s fairly clear to me that Apple is silently filtering outgoing E-mail; no notice is given when a message is dropped. On what grounds they feel it reasonable to do this and using what criteria are not clear to me, but, as far as I’m concerned, there is simply no justification for this policy.
I contacted Apple support about this problem, and the tech on the other end went away for a day and eventually came back and told me the message I wanted to send would now make it through. And it did. But they did not do what I requested, which was to disable the outgoing filtering, because a couple of weeks later, the same thing has happened.

That really seems completely inexcusable. I wonder what a good way of protesting it to Apple would be.