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Mojave don't like SpamSieve with AIRMAIL

SpamSieve does not work with the last Airmail under MOJAVE
is there a new regulation?

The current version of Airmail has a bug that prevents it from working with other apps, but this should be fixed soon. Please see this thread.

Thank’s for aswer
have good day

The issue is now fixed in Airmail.

Airmail 3.6.50 build 528 still doesnt work for me
I cannot get airmail (latest stable release) to work with spamsieve (latest stable release).

I’m not seeing that problem here, and have not heard other reports of problems with Airmail 3.6.50. Could you tell me more specifically what isn’t working? Which version of macOS are you using? Have you given Airmail Automation access to control SpamSieve?

I’m on OSX 10.14. I have given airmail automation access to control spamsieve. when i launch airmail, spamsieve doesnt also launch…

It’s not supposed to launch when Airmail launches, only when there are new messages to filter or when you train messages as good or as spam. If you still can’t get it to work, please train a spam message as spam and then send in a diagnostic report.