Mostly Not Working Properly Anymore

Been s SpamSieve user/subscriber for many years. It’s mostly now not reliable anymore, though and I’m concerned that the issue isn’t being addressed.

I’ve got more than a 1000 emails in my inbox (Apple Mail) from several email accounts - both Apple and Gmail. The majority of them with rules written to sort them into folders. But they haven’t been sorted and this includes Spam that should have been discarded by SpamSieve. If I select a small number (10), and manually “Apply Rules”, a few get sorted out of the Inbox. Then select “Apply Rules” manually again, and a couple more get sorted out.

Never seems to sort them when they arrive, and can’t understand why it takes multiple passes to get them sorted.

I always recommend making sure that Mail is working properly without SpamSieve before troubleshooting SpamSieve itself. In this case, it sounds like your regular Mail rules aren’t working either. So I suggest that you start by unchecking the SpamSieve rule in mail and see whether you still have problems with the non-spam messages sorting into mailboxes. If so, there may be a problem with the mail server, or you may need to rebuild Mail’s database.

When you do start troubleshooting SpamSieve, please open the log. When you Apply Rules and a message doesn’t move, what (if anything) does the log say about that message?