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Move drone to new computer?

I’ve been testing a Spamsieve drone scenario on a work computer, and it’s been working well. Now, I’m ready to set up a permanent drone at home, and I’d like to move the corpus (or, everything that Spamsieve has learned this past week) to the new computer, so I don’t have to start training from the beginning.

Is this possible, or even a good idea? If so, what’s the proper way to move a drone to a new computer?


Yes, because otherwise you’d have to spend time training it again.

You’ll need to copy the SpamSieve application, along with the training data and preferences. Also copy the scripts that you created for the drone, and then setup the drone rules in the new copy of Mail.

Thanks for your help… Everything is up and working as expected!

Now, for a quick question about spam…

When I follow the SpamSieve instructions for Apple Mail setup, I end up with a local (on my mac) spam mailbox. When SpamSieve finds spam, it goes into this mailbox.

When I follow the instructions for setting up a drone, I get an IMAP (server) side spam mailbox. When I drop a message that got through SpamSieve into my AddToSpam mailbox, it puts it into this IMAP spam mailbox.

Now, once I’ve engaged in some remote training, and there are messages in the IMAP spam mailbox, is there anything else I have to do? It seems the messages just remain in this folder. Do I THEN have to train them as spam on the drone computer?

Also, when SpamSieve puts messages in the locan spam folder, does that mean they have been taken off of the server?


No. The drone moves the messages from the AddToSpam mailbox to the Spam mailbox after it’s trained them as spam.


So, if the messages I am remotely training are staying in my IMAP spam mailbox, and not being moved to the local spam folder, I can assume that:

SpamSieve is not actually learning that those messages are spam.


Something is wrong with the Train As Spam rule.

…or, does the rule order matter? I have 3 rules on my drone - Train As Good, Train As Spam, and SpamSieve. What is the correct order, from top to bottom?


No. I’m confused about how you have it setup. Do you have SpamSieve installed on your main Mac and on the drone? You should have it on one or the other, but not both.

When using SpamSieve normally, the spam goes to the local Spam mailbox and is removed from the server.

When using a SpamSieve drone, there is no local Spam mailbox. There are three mailboxes on the server: Spam, AddToSpam, and AddToGood. Incoming spam messages go into the Spam mailbox. If SpamSieve makes a mistake and lets one into the inbox, you drag it to the AddToSpam mailbox. The drone notices this, trains itself with the message, and moves it to the Spam mailbox.

I don’t think the order on the drone matters.

-I only have SpamSieve on the drone, no other machines.

-The drone has a local Spam mailbox, which is where SS dumps successfully identified spam.

-Remotely, if anything gets through SS, I place the message in the IMAP spam mailbox (as per the drone setup instructions).

-The next time mail is received, SS takes that message and puts it into the IMAP spam folder.

-So really, the drone has the local spam folder (from the SS instructions) and the

-IMAP spam folder (drone instructions).

-During remote training, SS moves messages from the IMAP AddToSpam folder to the IMAP spam folder, and there it stays.

Does that make sense so far?

Then the drone is not setup correctly. You should set the SpamSieve rule to move the spam messages to the Spam mailbox on the IMAP server. The drone instructions say:

On the main IMAP account, create 3 new mailboxes on within Mail on either the SpamSieve Mac or the Spam Free Mac. Name one “Spam”–this is where SpamSieve will drop the spam it catches.

That’s incorrect. The drone instructions say:

whenever you see spam in your Inbox on the Spam Free Mac, you can drag it to the AddToSpam folder

Huh? You said, above, that you put the message in the IMAP spam folder. Summary: to train a message as spam, you should drag it into the AddToSpam mailbox. SpamSieve will then move it to the Spam mailbox.

If you are setting it up as a drone, you should only follow the drone instructions. The SpamSieve instructions are for when you are running SpamSieve on the same Mac that you read your mail on.

Whoops - I just mistyped - I meant to say:

Remotely, if anything gets through SS, IT PLACES the message in the IMAP spam mailbox (as per the drone setup instructions).

I think my problem was that I used the drone instructions IN ADDITION to the SS instructions, so there’s 2 potential places to put SPAM.
Should I just delete the local spam folder on the drone, and change the SpamSieve rule on the drone to place spam in the IMAP spam folder?

Yes, that’s what you should do.

OK, so now I’m just being thorough…
If SpamSieve takes from the AddToSpam folder and places it in the Spam folder, then that message has been added to the corpus as spam?

Is there a way to have BOTH remote training capabilities AND the spam removed from the server as it is flagged? Or do I just periodically select all messages in the IMAP spam folder and delete them, then empty the trash (twice) in Apple Mail


If by “flagged” you mean “manually dragged to the AddToSpam mailbox,” the answer is “yes,” but you would need to modify the AppleScripts.

That’s what I recommend.

OK Michael,

I think I got it - thank you so much for the talk-through!