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Move mail messages between libraries

  1. How can I export or transfer mail messages from one library to another?

I tried exporting an mbox from one library to the To Import folder of another, then I tried exporting to its parent folder, but I can’t get these mailboxes to import into the open EF program (I can’t see the mailboxes from inside EF.)

  1. Regarding how to run the Remove Duplicate script–what does “top-right” mean? (“Please click on Records or a folder in the source list (at the left) and then select one or more mailboxes in the records list (at the top-right).”

  2. Here’s the context: Over the past two years I captured from Apple Mail to six different EF libraries, each 20-35 GB in size. There are duplicate and unique emails in the libraries. Each library has between 2 and 15 mailboxes. I want to merge all libraries into one on, remove duplicates, and keep a mirror copy on a second external hard drive. I’m a novice with EF.



There are multiple ways. I would probably do it by dragging and dropping between the two EagleFiler windows. This is better than exporting to a mbox file because it will preserve all the EagleFiler-specific metadata, such as tags and notes.

I’m not sure why the To Import folder didn’t work in this context. Perhaps it would help to restart your Mac.

An EagleFiler browser window is divided into three sections (source list, records list, and record viewer). The records list is in the top-right quadrant of the window.

Thanks for your quick and detailed reply. Last night, right after posting, both operations (importing and the script’s duplicate detection) succeeded.

I had tried dragging several times with no reaction. Will try again and report back.