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"Move new junk messages" preferences in "Postbox" not working...

Is there some sort of rule that needs be configured for Postbox?

Messages appear to be correctly flagged as spam but remain in the “inbox” instad of being moved (in this case to the “junk” folder of gmail).

Tx… otherwise great product. Have used it forever with Apple Mail but love that I can finally move to Postbox!


Yes, please see Step 7.

I did follow user guide setup when installing into Postbox but…
spam messages are not moved. I’ll try defining a “local” folder instead and see it this works…


Local folder results…
when I “run junk mail controls on (local) folder”, spam messages are moved properly (preferences define moving junk mail to a junk folder under “local folders”). So that appears to work.

So now need to wait for an incoming message on my gmail imap account to see if it will be moved to the gmail imap junk folder (though it hasn’t worked thus far…)


Working in Postbox!..
Hello Michael,

Just an FYI that spamsieve now appears to be moving junk mail to the gmail junk folder. So I have now been able to get junk mail moved to both the imap and local junk mail folders.

Not sure why it wasn’t working before because I did not change any of the original settings other than to choose different junk mail folder locations. (I probably unchecked and rechecked the original settings as described in your documentation for Postbox along the way…)

Anyway, it’s working and that’s all that counts (for me, anyway!). I could have lived with just having junk mail moved to my local folder but it’s good to have the configuration option now.

Just have to say thanks for all your hard work migrating spamsieve to Postbox. Spamsieve compatibility is a deal breaker for any potential mail client!

Kindest regards,

Great; thanks for the follow-up.

Hi Michael,

I’m experiencing a related problem with PostBox and SpamSieve. New messages are filtered and put in the right spam folder when I receive them. Unfortunately when SpamSieve misses some messages and I mark them as junk, they aren’t moved to any of my spam folders (they become marked though). I have rechecked all the steps (including step 7).

Any ideas?

As moving the messages is entirely handled by Postbox, I think you would need to contact Postbox support.

Please make sure that you’ve selected the When I mark messages a junk option in Postbox’s Privacy settings.