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Move records from a library to other library

I usually throw everything in at the EF (Records list window) by day. At the end of the day, I separate the wheat from the vast of chaff. I realize this with multi EF libraries (one Chaff and five Wheats). And so, I need the best way to move files from Chaff-library to one of Wheat-library with minimum efforts.

My current trial is MAGIC POCKET again. This time, it is the special folder [To Wheat] of source list window (just beneath the Record of Chaff library). When we drag target files from Chaff window and drop them onto this [To Wheat] folder, they are imported to Wheat libray automatically.

This MAGIC POCKET is realized using Folder Actions on “To wheat” folder of Chaff library, like:
[move added_items to “Macintosh HD:Users:username:Wheat:To Import (Wheat):”].

I set five “To Wheat” folders in Chaff library and this trial goes well apparently. However, files are NOT deleted from Chaff library.

I do it a secret from EF and so EF believes that ‘deleted’ files still remain in To Wheat folder of Chaff-library. On the contrary, this folder is really empty via the Finder. And so, we have to teach EF this situation via [Update check sum], if not, we may meet to ‘missing file error’ box.

I believe appropriate EF scripts (I still cannot find) will correct this action.

Please, may I have a bit hint about this? Of course, other appropriate way is welcome.

I can’t recommend this approach, as you are essentially tricking EagleFiler. It’s not designed to work with a filesystem that behaves that way. Also, when you import the files in that manner the metadata probably won’t transfer to the Wheat libraries.

Some alternatives:

  1. Open both libraries in EagleFiler. Drag the “To Wheat” records from the Chaff library to the Wheat library. After the import is done, delete them from Chaff.

  2. Write a script that backs up up the metadata, looks at the selected records in the Chaff library, tells the Wheat library to import them, and then deletes them from Chaff.

Thank you for kind reply as always.

I thought this trick is not so bad because files of Chaff library seems to move to Wheat library with correct meta data during short-time experiment …
I agree trick is only trick as you mention.

As for your first recommendation, I tried first. However, I have six libraries (ONE Chaff and five Wheat), and so using drag & drop requests me to open six EF windows on my desktop for the worst. I dislike scattered windows.
This is the reason why I started to search the way to decrease number of window effectively.

From now, I will try your second hint.

Thank you for your valuable hint again.


I’ve been doing the Copy + Delete to move entries between libraries but is there anyway to just do a Move?

That’s not currently possible, but it’s a feature I’d like to add.

I look forward to that addition :slight_smile: