Move to Block List Script

Is there a template of a script to move items to the Block list? For example, if I have an iCloud Mail folder called “Blockers,” to move the folder’s contents to the Block list?


If the messages are in Apple Mail, you could use the Block Sender script. There are also some examples here of how to script the blocklist. Or if you have the addresses in text from you could use the Import Addresses… command.

What I’m trying to do is get spam messages that are on the blocklist to go directly to Trash without stopping at Junk (or collecting $200). I have attached a screen shot of my settings. I have checked and many of the spam senders I find in Junk are on the blocklist. I would expect these to go directly to Trash, but they are not.


Does the Log window say Predicted: Spam for them, i.e. that they went to Junk because of SpamSieve? If they were already in Junk before they got to your Mac, SpamSieve will not process them unless you set up the rescue script (and, in your case, set it to move the blue messages to Trash).

Okay, a lot of them indeed don’t show up on the log. I was running a rule to implement the rescue script for a while, but turned it off because it wasn’t doing anything. I just turned it back on and will let you know.

Here are 1. The rescue script I’m using, 2. The rule setup, 3. The contents of the rule.

Apple Mail - Rescue Good Messages copy.scpt (31.1 KB)

You can see in the log whether the script is doing anything. You’ll probably want to change the line:

property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : false


property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : true

so that it gets rid of the blocklisted messages.