Move to next instance of a pattern in record list or source list?

When in the record list or the source list, you can type letters to advance to a matching entry. Typing “Fil” might advance to the “File1” entry. Is there a keystroke to advance to the next (or prior) instance of “Fil”, without adding to the pattern?

It sounds like you’re referring to type-selecting rather than searching using the Search field. I think Windows has an idiom for type-selecting the next match of the same term, but macOS does not.

If you’re doing a Find within a record, you can use Command-G (Find Next) to advance to the next match.

Correct, I was referring to type-selecting, but didn’t know what to call it. I didn’t realize this was a Mac function rather than an EagleFiler function.

Long ago on MSDOS I used the file manager/launcher Lotus Magellan, which made extensive use of incremental search. It used the +/- keys to go to the next/prior instance of a match, and I thought it made the process efficient and responsive. Sometimes you don’t remember the next letter, or it’s just easier to hit “next” a few times.

It was originally EagleFiler-specific, but at some point macOS added built-in support for type-selecting, and when when EagleFiler dropped support for the last version of macOS without type-select we switched to the system implementation.