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Moving Eagle Filer to Another Computer

I purchased EF 1.1.6, but have been using the new one (through updates), and need to move it to a different computer. I downloaded it from the site and put my serial number in and it says it’s for an older version of EF. I don’t mind having to install an older version and updating, but I can’t find one to download to install it.

I thought this was the proper way to do it, but now not so sure. How do I do this?



You can enter your EagleFiler 1.1.6 serial number directly into EagleFiler 1.5.3.

Still having issues…
I finally have the computer now and tried what you suggested Michael, I put my 1.1.6 Password into the downloaded 1.5.3 version and it says “sorry, but that’s not a valid license for EagleFiler 1.5.3.”

I triple-checked to make sure it was right, looked at the cases, and even requested my pword and cut and paste that into the field all with the same result.

Thanks for your help!


Make sure that you enter the Serial Name as shown, too.

That was it, I didn’t even really notice that box. I feel stupid. Thanks so much Michael I love the software and let others know how great it is.