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Moving files into EF

I want to file files into EagleFiler. I don’t want to archive copies. This isn’t supported well: the system services can’t do it at all, AppleScript does it inefficiently, the “To Import” folder doesn’t ask for metadata. Any workarounds?

You are right that currently there is no way to import existing files without copying them and have EagleFiler prompt you for metadata.

The way I would do this is to use Capture With Options or import with the Option key and then delete the original files after the import has completed. Aside from being less efficient than the ideal, is there a reason this wouldn’t work for you? It could probably be automated via AppleScript.

I’d rather not deal with duplicates in the trash, but the import command already has “with deleting afterwards”.

If you are willing to use a script (or create a droplet), “with deleting afterwards” will delete the files after importing, without putting them in the trash.