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Moving from Evernote...

Hello! I am thinking about moving from Evernote to EagleFiler. I have read some posts and I have a few questions. What happens to all the tags that I have for my notes in Evernote? Do they survive intact during the import process? Are the tags editable?

Is there a limit to the number of notes one can have in EagleFiler? I have over 22,000 notes in Evernote.

When I receive an email in Mail, how can I forward that message to EagleFiler? Is there a “special” email address that allows it to import into EagleFiler?

How is tagging handled in EagleFiler? Post a link to the page where tagging is explained-that’s ok.

If you can provide any tips, tricks or help to assist me in making a decision about using EagleFiler I would appreciate it! I use Evernote mainly for my genealogy, collecting census’, documents, etc… I also use Evernote to collect recipes and ideas for our home. Thanks again, Judy

One more thing…
I forgot to mention that one feature that I like about Evernote (probably the only thing at this point) is that it OCRs my notes. I am guessing EagleFiler doesn’t. Maybe it does. Still checking into EagleFiler’s features. If it doesn’t OCR is there a workaround that you know of?

Yes, EagleFiler preserves the tags when importing from Evernote. If you have tags with the same names already in your EagleFiler library (possibly organized into a hierarchy) it will use those. If there are any tags that don’t already exist in EagleFiler, the import will create them at the top level.

Yes, you can rename and rearrange tags in EagleFiler, and change their colors and abbreviation symbols.

It’s only limited by your Mac’s memory and storage. 22,000 can be handled easily.

The typical way to do it is to manually import certain messages or whole mailboxes from Mail into EagleFiler. You can also set up a rule in Mail whose action is to import the message into EagleFiler (by running this script). Then the messages would be auto-imported as they arrive.

Please see this page.

Those sound like typical uses for EagleFiler. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

EagleFiler does not have built-in OCR, but it can work with any PDFs that were OCR’d by your scanner software. You can also use the PDFpen app to run OCR on files, either before or after they’ve been imported into EagleFiler.