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Moving (not copying) items between libraries

I’m trying to move a few items between libraries, but can only seem to be able to copy them. I tested drag/move outside EF just to make sure it wasn’t a macOS issue, but it seems to be working correctly in Finder - dragging files between locations (same drive) moves them. Holding down the option key while dragging changes it to a copy. In EF, dragging copies the item, creating a duplicate in the target library and folder structure. Holding down the option, command, or control key doesn’t seem to change the behavior.

Am I missing something? I fear this is some knucklehead thing I’m doing wrong or missing, but haven’t had any luck after half an hour searching this forum and the Internet.


P.S. macOS High Sierra 10.13.4; 5k iMac with trackpad from late 2014.

Currently, EagleFiler only supports copying items between libraries. After the copy is complete, you would need to delete the records from the original library if you don’t want to keep them. Probably a future version of EagleFiler will let you hold down a modifier such as Command to indicate that you want to move instead of copy.

Thank you, Michael. Not really a big deal, I mainly just wanted to know if I was missing something. A modifier key to move vs. copy would be a nice add.

I really love EagleFiler. Getting back to it after a year+ of letting my hard copy documents pile up and reminded what a fantastic piece of software it is. Elegant, efficient simplicity. Brilliant!