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Moving spam messages directly to the trash

How do I set this up to automatically dump spam into the Trash?

I cannot seem to figure it out.



Generally, this can be done by editing the SpamSieve rule in your mail program so that it moves the messages to the trash instead of the spam folder. If you’re using a POP account with Entourage, you can use the Change Settings command to set this. If you’re using Mailsmith, see the “Spam Handling” pane of the preferences. If you’re using Eudora, I don’t think there’s a way to change it; the spam will always go to the Junk mailbox.

Thanks - actually, SpamSieve is not filtering anything at this point, that is my issue.

Filtered Mail
0 Good Messages
0 Spam Messages
0 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
0 False Positives
0 False Negatives
100.0% Correct

3029 Good Messages
345 Spam Messages (10%)
49564 Total Words

508 Blocklist Rules
263 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
8/15/06 3:20 PM

I see–those statistics show that SpamSieve isn’t seeing any of your incoming messages. Please check the setup in your mail program.

Also, once you get the setup right, you’ll see much better accuracy if you reset SpamSieve’s corpus and use the recommended numbers of spam and good messages in the initial training.

OK I tried all that and it is still not working.

I will have to play with it a bit this evening when I have time.

Not as simple and easy as I had hoped, sadly.

I’m happy to help you with the setup via e-mail. Please send some screenshots to spamsieve@c-command.com.