MS Outlook—the new release

The “new outlook for mac” apparently has no support for rules (client side). Will there be any changes in how SpamSieve works to accommodate this?

For now, we recommend turning off New Outlook, as described here. This will bring back the full rules and AppleScript functionality. Going forward, we expect that a lot of this will be implemented in New Outlook and will update SpamSieve to use server rules or an alternate method if necessary.

Hi, Michael, has there been any updates about SpamSieve compatibility with New Outlook 16.73.2 since your last post? As I am sure you are aware, the complete consternation Microsoft has caused my fellow AOL/Yahoo e-mail users and me, apparently centered around IMAP and syncing, has driven a lot of us to use New Outlook, albeit rather unwillingly, but wow, do I miss SpamSieve! Apologies if you have addressed this elsewhere…thanks in advance for your reply.

Microsoft is currently estimating that AppleScript support will be added to New Outlook by November. However, I’m surprised to hear about the troubles because there are lots of SpamSieve customers using AOL and Yahoo, and I’ve not heard any reports of problems with these and Outlook lately. Is there a discussion of this somewhere?

Oh, yes, Michael, there certainly is! Here’s two threads on the Microsoft discussion boards that I subscribe to:

This has been going on a little under a month now, and there’s no end in sight, sigh. I really don’t want to shift to New Outlook and all its own various sync problems, such as with calendars and contacts, but my poor AOL account and I are both being driven to distraction! I’ll put it to you like this, Michael: if YOU have any insights here, please share! :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thanks for the links. If both old and new Outlook have issues, I guess the only other options would be to go back to a previous version of Outlook that worked better or to switch to a different mail client such as Apple Mail. Hopefully Microsoft can get this fixed soon.

Yeah, I think that I am going to do just that, actually, revert maybe to 16.71 and see how this goes. With luck, I can get SpamSieve rolling just as easily! Thanks, Michael, and we should try to keep each other posted, too.

Hi, Michael! The reversion to a previously-working version of Outlook never worked, but FYI that apparently AOL and Yahoo might’ve made changes to their mail servers that Microsoft has failed to reconcile with Legacy Outlook. As you can imagine, much consternation exists! I am just about to throw up my hands and go back to using SpamSieve again, as the pain of all the junk mail Outlook doesn’t catch (while mischaracterizing good e-mail) is simply not worth it. Let’s just hope there’s rectification soon!