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multi exchange accounts

I would like to use SS to clean up our companies email.
I currently use it on my personal comp and am trying to figure out a way to run SS on each account that I have on exchange. I would like to keep it separated so the junk email would stay in junk folders for each of the separate accounts.
If I can get it running correctly on a couple the plan is to put a mac in the server room w/ access to all company email accounts that clean spam for me.

That’s straightforward. You would have one rule like the first one here. Then you’d need one “Move Messages” rule for each account. You’d add a criterion so that it only matches junk messages from a particular account, and then the rule action would be to move the message to the Junk folder for that account.

Just don’t forget to check it now and then to correct any mistakes. If you cannot do this promptly, you may want to turn off auto-training.