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Multi IMAP Accounts & Junk Folder

Hi Folks,

I’m using apple mail & have multiple IMAP accounts. I would like junk mail to be moved to the respective Junk folders on the server for EACH respective ACCOUNT - (not moved ALL into ONE Junk folder (of 1st account)).

One reason for this, is I have some accounts that are more ‘spammy’ and will be able to go through them much quicker if I know they came from these ‘suspect’ accounts … And other reasons too…

Q: How Can I get SS to put junk mail in EACH junk folder as described above?

Q: With IMAP - is there a way to JUST color the SPAM and NOT MOVE IT at all - (leave it in the inbox)?

Please see this page.

You could change the action of the “SpamSieve” rule to “Stop evaluating rules.”