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Multiple accounts on one computer

I am in the Netherlands. I have been using SpamSieve for some time on my PowerBook (OS 10.3.9) for myself. Currently version 2.5 is installed. I have recently added another account on my computer to be used by my wife. SpamSieve is made accessible (user privilege to program) on this account. However, SpamSieve is not doing its job on this account and when I opened SpamSieve (from Finder) it appeared to be the Test Version. Still, according to Help 5.1.3 “A license for SpamSieve is good for one person or one computer. You can install it on one Mac, and everyone sharing that Mac can use it (on that Mac).”. Can anyone explain to me how I can use SpamSieve on the second account without purchasing a new license ? Thanks, Leo

Your SpamSieve license can be used for both users on your PowerBook. However, (aside from the SpamSieve application itself, which will be shared) you will essentially have two separate installations. This will allow SpamSieve to learn the unique characteristics of your mail and your wife’s.

First, you need to enter your name and serial number into SpamSieve’s Purchase window on your wife’s account. Then set it up with her mail program (e.g. these instructions for Apple Mail), and finally train it.

Multiple users on one computer
Michael, thanks for your help. It worked out as you said. However, I still have one remaining question namely, When Mail is launched on my wife’s account, why doesn’t SpamSieve launch automatically as it does on my own account? This does not seem to be a matter of Startup Items in System Preferences. On my account, SpamSieve is not among the Startup Items but it does launch automatically, I presume because this is worked from the SpamSieve plugin?

SpamSieve never launches automatically just because Mail launched. It launches when Mail starts downloading messages from the server and asks SpamSieve to filter them. So either there are no messages to be downloaded, you haven’t set up the “SpamSieve” rule in Mail, or the rule isn’t at the top of the list.

Thanks, it did work today so I was shouting too quickly. Best, Leo