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multiple colors fails?

When I create a rule like

SpamSieve [Score]
SpamSieve [Red][Yellow]

it does not work,

SpamSieve [Score]
SpamSieve [Red]
SpamSieve [Yellow]

works fine though…

I’ve not heard any other reports of problems with coloring rules. Which version of Mac OS X are you using? Please give a specific example of what happened and how that was different from what you expected to happen.

I’m using Leopard Server 10.5.7

In the first situation the yellow colored spam messages were not moved as stated by the rule. The red ones were moved (same rule).

As far as I know, 10.5.7 is still in beta. Have you tried it with a release version of Mac OS X?

If the problem recurs, please send the following information via e-mail:

  1. The file:
  2. The file:
    /Users/<username>/Library/Logs/SpamSieve/SpamSieve Log
  3. A list of the subjects of the yellow messages that were not moved.