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Multiple copies of message

Since upgrading to 2.7.1, I sometimes get multiple (7-12) copies of a message, all but one of which are blank. They do have the same subject, to, from, etc., but the body is blank. The log will show the individual messages as they come in, but the statistics do not update to reflect the additional messages as they come in. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern as to whether the first or last received is the “real” message.

To make it interesting, I see the multiple messages in Mail.app, but not in GyazMail, which won’t show any of them until I’ve deleted all the false messages in Mail.

Is anyone else experiencing something like this?

I don’t think this is related to SpamSieve, because it only processes the messages after they’ve been received from the server, and it doesn’t modify them. The log will show entries for each message SpamSieve was asked to filter. For accuracy tracking, SpamSieve tries to remember which messages it’s seen before (based on the headers) to avoid inflating the counts if the same message is processed more than once. So that’s why you don’t see these messages in the Statistics window.

Must have been a coincidence then that this started the day after the upgrade. Maybe the .mac server got the hiccups, or there was a problem with Mail.app. I’ll look for the source of the problem elsewhere.

Thanks for the explanation.

Multiple copies of messages
Today, when I checked my Entourage 2008 mail I am getting the same spam person sending messages 3-4 times in a row. Is there a way of having Spam Sieve automatically delete the message without going to the spam folder? For example the persons name was “Don Ward”. Is it safer to just have it go the spam folder and then deleting it manually?

Yes, it’s safer to have them go to the spam folder first, but you can set SpamSieve to put the more the more spammy messages directly into the trash.