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multiple dmgs

Is there a way to reassemble multiple dmg files into one disk image with this utility?

I’m at a loss at how to do this, I keep getting a dmg with all the dmgs in it…

If you have a single disk image that’s split into multiple .dmg and .dmgpart files, put them all in the same folder. Set the output image format in DropDMG’s preferences and make sure it’s set to not use segments. Then drag the first segment (the .dmg file) onto DropDMG.

“Limit segments…” is NOT checked and format is .dmg zlib-compressed (Mac OS X 10.1).

Where are these options you mentioned?

That sounds good.

I was referring to Limit segments to at most in the Preferences window.

so any other suggestions?

If you do as I described, I’d expect it to work. So perhaps you could post some screenshots showing what you did so that I can see what’s happening. Please note that unless you have Delete original after converting checked, DropDMG will leave the segment pieces in place after creating the new, joined image.

Here’s what I do:

1 - I take all the dmg files and put them in a folder (they’re named bdaypty.dmg.001 and bdaypty.dmg.002 and so on)

2 - I drop this folder on DropDMG

3 - This creates a single dmg file with all of these contained inside.

I tried dragging the FIRST one of the dmgs in to dropDmg but that results in a new dmg with the one I dropped in there.

If you have a bdaypty.dmg that is a segmented disk image, the pieces will be named bdaypty.dmg, bdaypty.002.dmgpart, bdaypty.003.dmgpart, etc. In this case you would drag bdaypty.dmg onto DropDMG in order to join them.

Your parts are not named in this way, so I suspect that you don’t have a segmented disk image. Instead, you probably have a regular one-piece disk image that was broken into different files, e.g. using the Unix “split” command. In this case, you would need to concatenate the parts to recover the original image file. One way to do this is in Terminal, e.g.:

cat bdaypty.dmg.??? > bdaypty.dmg

That’s exactly the problem.

I used a different utility to merge them all together.

Thanks for the support!

ejc1 did you use DropDMG to combine all the dmg files? I have the same problem… Please help.

Nope, I used “Split & Concat” - google that.

Cool, I got that app… but im not having luck… Whats going on is… I have four files… xaa.dmg.001, xab.dmg.002, xac,dmg.003, and xad.dmg.004 and im trying to combine them… once combined they should all equal up too a 6GB (or so) application I have… the problem… once combined it results in a single file (good) but is only 1.95GB and wont mount correctly… any thoughts?

NVM!! I got it… what i did (and wasn’t thinking before) is renamed the files… x.dmg.00(#) instead… and it worked perfect! THANKS!


I do everything yo say except for to Set not use segments I can’t find this preference

Uncheck Limit segments to at most __ MB in the Preferences window.

if it is a mult-part image
click on the first segment to self-assemble and mount it
make a new image from the mounted image

if it is an image that has been split into parts with a “splitter” program
use split & concat or machacha [better] to re-assemble the parts into a complete image

DropDMG 3.0 includes a new feature to join these files.