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Multiple Email Accounts with Apple Mail Setup

I see there are similar topics but don’t see one in the past few years so I wanted to confirm any changes in more recent SpamSieve builds.

I use Apple Mail on a “server” Mac to filter multiple email accounts. Previously I was advised to setup a “Train Spam” and “Train Good” mailbox for each account and create a rule for each account. This worked just fine in the past.

With a recent update my rules were disabled so I was going to rebuild them but wanted to confirm that this is still the proper procedure or if I only needed one rule and/or “Train Good” and “Train Spam” mailboxes with the latest (2.9.38) build.


The latest instructions are here. Previously, SpamSieve recommended separate training mailboxes for each account because it was not possible to move messages between accounts from iOS. So the only way to remote train was if you had training mailboxes in the same account. iOS has since removed that limitation, but it still holds if you’re accessing the messages via webmail. So it’s up to you whether you (a) want all the spam moved to the same account, and (b) want training mailboxes in each account.

Thanks for the quick reply and that makes sense.

I’ll adjust and have “Train Spam”/“Train Good” in one mailbox to make everything cleaner so I’ll delete all the extraneous “Train Spam”/“Train Good” folders and the extraneous rules.

One more question.

Assuming the previous trained corpus will still work with the adjustments meaning I don’t need to reset that and go through initial training again.



All setup now and seems to be working other than a remote training issue.

As I noted above, I setup with one email account doing the “heavy lifting” with a Spam box and Training boxes. Issue is when I drop something in the “TrainGood” from any mailbox, it goes back into the inbox to this email account that is doing the work rather than the email account the email was sent to.

Am I doing something wrong and is there a way of getting the “TrainGood” emails back to the proper receiving account other than great “TrainGood”/“TrainSpam” folders and SpamSieve rules for each individual email account?

Thanks again!

That’s how it’s designed to work. Remote training always moves the messages to the Inbox or Spam mailbox in the same account as the TrainGood or TrainSpam mailbox.

Understood. With that in mind a couple of followups:

  1. If I’m good with all the “TrainedGood” mail ended up in the account doing the “lifting”, do I still put all the mail account names in the remote training apple script or just the account name that is doing the lifting (i.e. has the training mailboxes) and Spam folder?

  2. Alternatively, clarifying that if I want “TrainedGood” emails to go back to the originating mailbox, it seems I to need to make a training mailboxes for each account. If I wanted to go in that direction, would I then need to make a SpamSieve rule for each account as well?

Thanks again for the great customer support!

The script should only list the accounts whose Train mailboxes you want it to check. If you add other accounts it will probably create Train mailboxes in those accounts.


You could, but you don’t have to. You could have a single Spam mailbox and multiple TrainGood mailboxes, and if you move the message to the right TrainGood mailbox it will end up in the corresponding inbox after training.