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Multiple Macs Solution 1

I have SpamSieve installed on 3 Macs. I would like to follow Solution 1, which is to run Spam Sieve on one Mac and allow my iMap servers to do the rest. I’m not sure what is meant by “run” Spam Sieve on one Mac. Does it mean I should completely uninstall SpamSieve on the other two macs? Or should I just disable SpamSieve by deleting the SpamSieve rule on the two macs? Thank you!

It’s OK to leave the SpamSieve application installed, or you could uninstall it completely. The important points are to uninstall the Apple Mail plug-in and to uncheck the SpamSieve rule. Do not delete the SpamSieve rule because if you are using iCloud rule syncing this would delete it from all the other Macs as well.

A grateful thank you
Thanks so much for your prompt reply, and on a Sunday, no less! Great product, and great customer service!