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Multiple Macs with EagleFiler


I just came on this page after a long search for a solution and it might be here

I have a email issue - I have over the Years an email folder with about 300 GB on emails (i am sending and receiving a lot of pictures and technical drawings) my new Apple macbook - thanks the new apple philosophy is not accepting more harddrives or bigger ssd memory (which is a waste anyhow)
I don’t need all the mails on a daily base but every now and then I need to get back and find an email or response with a drawing

I thought eaglefiler would do the job - so that I can delete them from archive apple mail and have full access on eaglefiler once I exported them - I hope I understood this right
in difference to apple mail i can have multiple locations (like Itunes for the sourche documents and if the external source is not there i don’t have to re sync everything from the scratch (correct?)
Now the big Question - I am working with more systems
if I have the files on an external harddrive - will I be able to use tehm with more systems without everyone indexing it for theirself or - if I am setting up a personal Cloud storage (pogoplug or box) can I get access to these files over the cloud with multiple systems?


Yes, that’s right.

Sorry, but I don’t quite understand your question. What does “sync” refer to?

Yes, EagleFiler stores the index with its library, and the index format is the same for all versions of Mac OS X, so you do not have to reindex when moving the library between Macs.

Probably yes, although I have not tested those particular cloud services with EagleFiler. It’s possible that they do not sync all files and metadata properly. The most important thing is that you should only open a given library in one copy of EagleFiler at a time. Make sure that your cloud service has fully downloaded the files before you open the library, and close the library and wait for the cloud service to finish uploading any changes before switching to another Mac.

Please see the How can I access my library from multiple Macs? page for more information.

Apple mail it not capable to use different folders for their mails and if I put something on an external drive and it is not online - i can get in trouble and everything has to be redone
How does Eagle filer react if I have a library not online or the hard drive is not mounted and i do it later on after starting the program
or do I have to restart the program if I mount an harddrive

Each EagleFiler library is treated as a Mac OS X document. When an external hard drive is mounted, you can open any EagleFiler libraries that are stored on that drive. If the drive is not mounted, the libraries will show up as recent items in EagleFiler, but they are not accessible. So I think what you are trying to do will work fine.