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multiple scriptrunner processes

When I check running processes, I notice that, in addition to SpamSieve itself, there are 2 instances of something called scriptrunner. Can you explain what these are? Also, when SpamSieve is not doing anything, e.g. waiting for email to come in, why would these processes exist as there are no scripts to run (assuming functionality based on it’s name)? Thanks.

The purpose of scriptrunner is to run AppleScripts for training SpamSieve from Apple Mail. It stays running as long as Mail is running because it’s much faster to load the script once and run it as necessary than to reload scriptrunner and the script each time you train SpamSieve. Ordinarily there will only be one instance of scriptrunner, however you can end up with more than one e.g. if Mail crashes and then you re-launch it. This is harmless.

Ok, thanks for explaining that. I would offer the suggestion that scriptrunner check on periodic basis or interval to see if it’s parent process ID is still valid, and, if not, terminate itself. This would reduce the possibility of having multiple occurrences.