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Multiple view...


Great Program! I’ve tested a lot of these “notes” programs and definitley like this one the best. Couple of ideas for the future…

an option to view multiple documents at once, like iPhoto. Maybe include a slider too so you can make the notes different sizes and then they would go into rows. I save lots of graphic pdfs and other things and need to search visually and instead of one at a time a feature like this would come in handy.

Also customizeable icons would be nice.

Keep up the great work!


Hi Gregory,

I’m considering adding an icon/iPhoto view. It would definitely be useful for images and PDFs.

You can set custom icons for folders using the Get Info window in the Finder. If you’re referring to something else, please explain further.

Yeah, I was even just handling a collection of clip art and logos just now and the iPhoto type of view would work great. I used to convert things to jpgs just to view them in iPhoto but it was a pain. EagleFiler would be so much better for these types of collections, and I’m sure I’m not the only one utilizing it for my graphic library.

Thanks Again!


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