My AppleScript for enhanced processing of spam email

I’ve used and loved SpamSieve for years, and have used the available Applescripts that Michael provides, but the workflow has never quite fit my needs. So I finally bit the bullet and created my own which combines Remote Training and Rescue Good Messages. It’s working well for me and I am sharing in case others want to modify for their own uses or spot any errors I may have missed. Note, this is only for the primary Apple email account and is not as forgiving as Michael’s scripts so you have to get the setup done right first.

You can download it here along with instructions at:

Thanks for sharing. Please note that the training commands need a message parameter. If you just do:

tell application "SpamSieve" to add good _source

nothing will happen (as you can verify in SpamSieve’s log). You need:

tell application "SpamSieve" to add good message _source

Great, thank you Michael. I was not getting an error so it would have been awhile before I caught this.

Yeah, currently it doesn’t report an error for a missing required parameter. This is fixed for the next major version.

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