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My "trained" spam is coming back into my inbox.

Hi, I’ve used SS for many years now and been happy with it’s performance. However, lately, I’ve been training it to transfer a number of emails I’ve been getting to go into spam. But then when I look later in that mail box, the messages are back! It also seems to take a much longer time to move the messages to spam than it did earlier. I don’t think I’ve changed any settings and my preferences are set up correctly. Is anyone else having these same issues? With the elections coming up I’m getting way more political email than normal and I’m trying to train that to go to spam.

Thanks for any help,


The movement and storage of messages is handled by the mail client. Most likely there is a problem with its database or with the mail server. Which macOS version and mail client are you using?

I’m using 10.9.5 and Mac Mail. I’ve also noticed that this is happening predominantly with my gmail account messages. Maybe it’s a gmail problem? After I’ve moved the messages to spam, and then they come back again, they are often highlighted.

By “highlighted” do you mean unread?

Is your Spam mailbox under the Gmail account or under On My Mac?

It may help to rebuild Mail’s database.

By highlighted, I mean the shaded in grey and they have already been read. My Spam mailbox is under On My Mac. I will look at the link to rebuild the database.



OK, that is normal.

I just looked at that Gmail mailbox again and there are about 30 messages in there again that I had trained to go into Spam AND I deleted them! They are all showing up not shaded but having been read. I tried a quick rebuild of that mailbox and it didn’t seem to do anything, so I guess I’ll try a complete rebuild.

OK. It may also help to use a server Spam mailbox, as sometimes Gmail has problems moving messages to a local mailbox.

Oh wow - that took awhile to rebuild and import all my messages! When I looked in the gmail mailbox, there were those 30 or so messages I had previously trained as spam. They weren’t highlighted this time. I went ahead and trained them as spam again and then deleted all that spam. So far, they haven’t come back.

I have noticed that there is a folder called Archive and nearly 10,000 messages in the one called gmail.com_IMAP (All Mail). I don’t know where this is coming from. They go back to 1/2/15. Wouldn’t it be safe to delete those or are they simply stored on the gmail server? They all look like messages I’ve read and then deleted or moved into a folder On My Mac.

I will look into the idea of using a server Spam mailbox. Thanks for your help!


They are duplicate copies of messages that are probably in other mailboxes. I recommend that you go to Gmail’s settings and hide “All Mail” from IMAP.

I did go to gmail and “hid” All Mail from IMAP. I don’t see that Archive folder anymore in Mac Mail. However, in my gmail mailbox, those darn 30 or so messages are back! I cleared out everything from that mailbox, trained most as spam and deleted all the messages in the Spam folder. I quit Mail, which should dump those deleted messages from the Trash, right? Well, apparently not, because they are all still in the Trash when I open Mail again. It doesn’t seem like I’ll ever get these spam messages out of my Mail program. :frowning:


I think that depends on your settings in the Mail’s Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors. I think it tends to work best if you have “Move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox” and “Store deleted messages on the server” both checked.

Sorry to hear that. It sounds like the problem is between Mail and Gmail.