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nagging "unsupported file type" error

I must have changed the name of my Eaglefiler library at some point, because every time I start Eaglefiler I get the error message that “[Mylibraryname].eflibrary” is an unsupported file type. I can ignore it, but is there a way to get the error messages from stopping. (There are no functionality problems.)

There’s probably a bad alias file in one of these folders:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/EagleFiler/Startup Items
/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/EagleFiler/Open Libraries

How would I identify a bad alias file? In Open Libraries, I see “Mail.ef.eflibrary” and “EagleFilerMain.eflibrary,” which indeed are my two open libraries.

I suggest that you just delete both of them, and EagleFiler will recreate them as needed.