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Necessary to keep "Outlook - Filter Messages" app always open/on, can it be hidden...?

Hi, Michael, very satisfied new user here, and I 100% appreciate all your efforts in helping us try to bust the torrents of spam! I do have a question, however, and I apologize if this may have been answered elsewhere: the “Outlook - Filter Messages” app that I believe is necessary for SpamSieve to catch spam, does it always have to be on, or once we’ve trained SpamSieve, can I shut it off? In the alternative, is there a way to hide the app? I’ve tried right-clicking and hitting “Hide” in the Dock, but that doesn’t work at all for me. Anyway, any help from you or any other user would be most appreciated…thanks in advance!

The Outlook Filter Mailboxes app needs to be running in order for SpamSieve to filter new messages. Currently there’s no way to hide the Dock icon. (The Hide command hides the app’s windows, which this app doesn’t have, anyway.) Rather than add such an option, the plan is to integrate Outlook Filter Mailboxes into a future version of the SpamSieve app so that you would never have that icon in your Dock.

Thanks so much for your prompt response, Michael, that’s very helpful…and encouraging news for down the road! We’ll keep our eyes open for sure. :smiling_face: