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Need to Import Encrypted Mail

I use the Apple Mail app and receive a lot of emails encrypted.
Because I have stored all the public keys in my keychain (as well as my private key), I can read these messages in Mail.
However, when I import them into EF, EF only captures the header information (from, to, subject) and then gets and stores a smim.pm7 file as attachment.
No indexing or search is possible.
However, when I click on the attachment, EF opens that message with Mail and here it is again.

I would like EF to store the full text message (which has been decrypted by Mail).
How can I do that?

Thank you

EagleFiler captures and stores the entire message content as it was sent to you. For an encrypted message, this means that EagleFiler stores the encrypted version of the message, i.e. the smim.pm7 attachment. EagleFiler does not know how to decrypt S/MIME messages, so you would need to do that before importing into EagleFiler if you want EagleFiler to be able to display and search the message content. (You could import into an encrypted EagleFiler library if you want the content to remain secure.)