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Need To Join & Burn Files...Running OS 10.3.9 ???...


I have a .dmg file which has been segmented into several parts…I have read the manual for DropDmg (Ver. 2.8.4)…

My understanding is that I must “Convert” the files, and then, “Burn Image” to a DVD, so that the result is a single file which will Boot and Install on a Power Mac G4…

So I think I need an earlier version of DropDmg because I don’t wish to run 10.4 on my Mac…This and any other tutorial advice offered would be greatly appreciated as I don’t wish to burn anymore “Coasters”…THANKS !!!


Are these .dmgpart files?

  1. It is not necessary to join the .dmgpart files before using Burn Image.
  2. Burn Image will get you a bootable DVD (if the .dmg was created from a bootable DVD), but its contents would not be a single file; rather, the DVD contents would be the thousands of files that comprised the contents of the original DVD.

DropDMG’s Burn Image feature has always required 10.4, because previous versions of the OS did not make that functionality available to developers. However, if you’re using 10.3.9 you could use Disk Utility to burn the .dmg file.

RE: Need To Join & Burn Files…Running OS 10.3.9 ???..
Thank-You Very Much for your response…

It certainly appears to me that they are, but now, I wonder; the file names are as listed:

Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg.001, Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg.002
And so on, including…**Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg.011
I twice tried burning them in the toast “media” window, always keeping them in the same folder and resolving aliases before adding files…The first attempt, I put the entire folder in the “data” window…In the second attempt, dragged just the files in this window…The result in both cases was a Dvd which displayed all as separate files, just as they originally appeared.

If I understand your explanation correctly…I should use Disk Utility…First, putting all files in the same folder, then, burning the entire folder as a Disk Image…Or, should I create a Disk Image with all files, then burn???..The resulting disk, will display all separately…And if the files were originally created from a bootable disk, they will boot.

Would “checksuming” these files prior to burning make any difference???

Any advice you would care to render is most greatly appreciated…

   Best Regards,

If it were an actual segmented .dmg (such as DropDMG creates) the files would have “.dmgpart” in the name. These are nice because (as I said above) you do not have to join the parts before mounting or burning the image.

However, your filenames indicate that you have a single .dmg file that’s been split into different pieces. These kinds of pieces need to be joined first, using other means.

You need to join the .001, .002 files into one big .dmg file and then burn it as an image.


RE: Need To Join & Burn Files…Running OS 10.3.9 ???..
A Most HEARTY THANK-YOU to you…And All the folks here for your most helpful advice…I believe I now possess the information I need for success…If I have any problems…I’ll get back to you…But otherwise; EUREKA !!!..I’ve found it !!!.

If there is anything I can do for this site…I shall be happy to oblige…

THANKS AGAIN !!!..Aeonian

DropDMG 3.0 includes a new feature to join these files.