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Need to know location of "Msieve.dat" file in Mac OSX 10.6.8

Howdy y’all
Got a weird problem.
I just ran 3 different benchmarking utilities (NovaBench, XBench & iBench) just for the heck of it, & after running all 3 I happened to switch to my desktop, fullscreen, & I have 5 files sitting there now that I didn’t put there. 4 of them look like they came from a Photoshop directory, & the 5th one is “Msieve.dat.” What happened & why & how, dunno. Really weird. Msieve.dat being a .DAT file, this has to be an important one for SpamSieve. I did a search for it on my HDD using the 3rd party “EasyFind” util, searched for hidden files too, hoping to find that it’d maybe just been duplicated but noooo… the only one around was the one on my desktop. And I know it don’t go there.
I have got to make sure my wonderful SpamSieve is running properly & on all 8 cylinders ‘cause I get about 250 or so crapmails every single day & I’ve got SpamSieve trained at about 99.5% accuracy. I used to use one of those online spam filter services where you change your MX records in your domain’s email setup, but I’d prefer to use SpamSieve for now because the MX one would periodically (i.e, at least one every couple of days) snag good stuff, even though I’d immediately whitelist those good ones in the “snagged” screen that lists all the crap O’ the day there.

Got a favor to ask of a Mac 10.6.8 guy or gal out there…
Would one of you please do a search on your HDD for “Msieve.dat” & write me back with its location on your system?
This goofy glitch that happened on my Macbook may have altered the file’s attributes too, maybe, so on your HDD the file may be tagged to be hidden, don’t know. And it may be in a hidden system-type of directory.
And also, Spotlight may not find it, being basically a system type of file & maybe in a system folder, too.
Here’s the link to devontechnologies.com EasyFind (it’s Freeware), which will find just about anything, usually. On this download page, EasyFind is located under their “Freeware” category. --> http://www.devontechnologies.com/download/products.html
Post here or email me at kevink aat kevinkendall dawt com.

It’s actually not related to SpamSieve at all. I did some searching, and it looks like maybe it’s related to the Msieve project for finding Mersenne prime numbers.

Thank you, Michael.
One of the 5 file’s names had “sieve” in it and automatically, I rightly jumped to negative conclusions (since they didn’t belong there), but the wrong conclusions.
And yes, as your post alluded to, that & probably the other 4 essentially junk files that relate to mathematical computations were likely left on my Desktop by one of the benchmarking utils I ran, much like what Microsoft’s SW engineers used to allow happen with their MS Office apps putting & then leaving junk in the Windows/Temp directory until that refuse heap built up to the point where Windows started going goofy &, in severe garbage buildup cases, regularly froze Windows, or the CD quit working, or DVD, or the display would do weird stuff. Used to deal with that all the time when working for Gateway decades ago.

RE: That benchmark util that did the careless dumping: Crappy software making, man. Gonna find out which one of the three it is & wipe it & all its little dogs too off my SSD, just on principle. Harmless probably, but I don’t want half-baked SW on my Macbook. Looks likely that those 5 files were created as a part of the util’s video testing.

Thanks for spending your time on research & for your reply, Michael.
Have a good rest of the week.
Case closed. Happy spamcatching.