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Need to reset demo period

Due to problems getting SpamSieve to work, and really bad timing with downloading an “older” version that required updating (that I wasn’t aware of until opening starting the app) and then forced software updates and reboots (corporate policy managed Mac) my demo stopped working. I was on my final “run” by the time I got SpamSieve working and now I have another required reboot due to the corporate policy stuff. Why did you switch to a fixed number of “runs” than fixed time period for the demo? It just seems to setup for this exact problem, I am not aware of any other demo-ware that uses this method of limiting the demo. In the ideal world that would give me several months of demo, if not a year…but not when a laptop is a corporate managed asset.

I’ve tried searching for how to reset the demo, initially I tried to just reset Corpus and then delete (while deleting the obvious associated folders/files) and reinstall but there is clearly some file that you are using to track the demo that I didn’t find. Now that I actually have it working and “trained” I am not looking to reset Corpus and start over, I don’t have the time to go through that entire process again.

The switch (some years ago) was to increase the length of the trial period. You now get 30 days or 7 launches, whichever is longer. Before, you would get 30 days and then it would stop working even if you had only used it once.

I’ve sent you a temporary serial number via private message to extend your trial period.