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need to super-whitelist own email address

I very frequently get spam in which the To: address is my own email address. If these are marked as spam,
then all email I send myself is treated as spam. I very frequently use email to send mail to myself, and these
very frequently get marked as spam. A solution, it seems to me, is to super-whitelist then owners email address(es).
That is, never mark an email as spam solely on the basis of it being to/from the owner. Of course such a to/from owner
mail could be spam, but should be deemed so for other reasons.

It’s normal for spams to be sent To your address. Do you mean the From address?

That won’t happen if you correct the mistakes, i.e. if a message that you sent to yourself goes to the Spam mailbox, train it as good.

To me, “super-whitelist” sounds like the address would always be whitelisted. That’s not what you want here because you do receive spam from that address.

That is exactly what will happen if you use the normal SpamSieve setup (with the address book properly configured) and correct all the mistakes as recommended. SpamSieve will see that you receive both spam and good messages from that address, so it will not whitelist or blocklist it.

Thank you. I believe the SpamSieve settings were correct, but there may have been a problem with “my card” in contacts. I corrected that and will see how it goes. But please clarify, is it true that any email address which appears in “my card” will be treated properly, or only an address in a certain field?

Any address on your card, so long as you enter it in one of the e-mail fields. (Sometimes people accidentally put it in a phone number field.)