Nested email archive?

Somehow rather I have wound up with an email archive that is nested in a larger email folder. So the folder structure looks like:

   Archive through [date]

The parent and nest have many–but not all–common items. I don’t know how I managed to do this.

I would like a single unified email archive, called “Archive thru [date]”. (The date part of the name changes when I update the archive.)

But merging a parent and nested folder isn’t allowed.

Are these both folders of .eml files? You can’t merge a folder with anything, but you can merge .eml files (in the folder) with each other or with a mailbox file.

Well, they are both filled with nothing but emails.

(But when I look at the “Kind” column in the EF interface, one describes each item as “Message File” in each item, and the other simply says “Message.”)

Then, when I look at the folder called “Archive” in Finder, it is a folder inside the parent, containing 11k+ .eml files.

There appear to only be 117 .eml files in the parent, (not including the Archive folder referenced above.) Should I just copy those 117 items into Archive and move the archive up to the EF Library root?

Message File means a standalone .eml file for a single message. Message means a message that’s inside of a mailbox file. So it sounds like you have one folder and one mailbox.

You could select the 117 .eml files and the Archive mailbox and merge them all together.

The app will not allow me to do that. When I select the 117 .eml files then select the Archive “mailbox,” the app “unselects” everything as soon as I click on the Archive.

If you click on Archive in the source list, that will change the selected source and, yes, you will lose the selection. Instead, you want to select Email in the source list and then select all the .eml files and Archive in the record list.