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Nested Tags and library size

I’ve been using nested tags in a similar way to the way I use keywords for photos, but I’ve discovered that they behave differently. If I add a document to a nested tag I would expect that it also adds the parent tag(s) too, but that doesn’t happen. Is there a way of making this happen as it is a useful way to drill down to what I am looking for?

Also my library size is nearly 1.5GB is that normal - it seems quite large especially when waiting for it to sync.


Which app are you using for photos?

Not currently, but that is a possibility for the future. Please see this thread.

How are you measuring the size, and what does “sync” refer to?

Mostly Media Pro, but it’s the same with Lightroom and C1 Pro too.

Syncing with dropbox. I had done something on one mac and went to do something on another but it was still syncing the library so i had to wait a while before i could do it.

I like the way Lightroom does it, but it’s not exactly as you describe. If you assign a child keyword, it does not assign the parent keyword. That is, it does not show the parent in the list of keywords on the photo. However, if you search for the parent keyword, it does show photos that have the child keyword.

How are you measuring the size, and is there is a particular file or folder that’s using most of the space?

Hi Michael. You need to have the keywords box set to display “Will Export” in Lightroom and you will see the parent keywords in the hierarchy, which are applied like i said.

Cmd I on the .eflibrary file gives 1.42 GB.

Here’s a screen grab which hopefully show what I mean:

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 16.49.12.png

You can use Show Package Contents to open it and see what is using the space. If it’s the Indexes folder, that could be because the files in the library have a lot of text. If it’s the “Temporary Items.nobackup” folder, there might have been an error that prevented EagleFiler from emptying it. You could trash it yourself after quitting EagleFiler.