New bug? Entire System Crashes on M1 Ultra

I’m trying to make a large (250GB) encrypted bzip on an M1 Ultra Mac Studio and have encountered a new bug I don’t have on my non M1 Macs - it abruptly causes the computer to restart! It gets part of the way through, or maybe even most of the way through and then I get what looks kind of like a kernel panic. Has anyone had this? What can I do?

If you are getting a kernel panic, that’s either a macOS bug, a bad kernel extension, or a hardware problem. What type of volumes are you using for the source and destination? Does it make a difference if you do a safe boot or use a different disk image format?

I’m not sure it’s a kernel panic, it’s just that the machine restarts. I don’t get the usual kernel panic text I’m used to seeing on older machines but maybe the M1s don’t do that anymore. I haven’t been able to test it with safe boot or different formats. The source drive is a raid. I’ve tried various destinations but it keeps occurring. I’ll try to change the source drive and see if that does anything. Here is the report I get when the computer restarts: panic(cpu 2 caller 0xfffffe0024565d78): "AppleAPFSContainerScheme::acquireCrypto -

It looks like a kernel panic related to the encrypted APFS file system.

Ok! Is DropDMG not supported on encrypted raids? Is there something we can do? I use a lot of these so I’d love to help get this fixed.

DropDMG works with all file systems that your Mac supports. I’m saying it looks like your Mac is having trouble reading or writing to that particular volume. This could be due to a macOS bug, a bad kernel extension, or a hardware problem. Did you try the safe boot? Are you able to copy the source files to another volume using Finder?