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I am using an old mac mini that does not work well at all. I will be traveling to the U.S. early May to finally get my new laptop and set spam sieve up on it. I assume I need to leave my mac mini running to handle the spam until I get the laptop set up? Then can they both filter spam until I return home? I am having issues now, but after reading many of these messages, I need to get on my mac mini and see if I can figure out what I have done wrong. I have set up Train good and Train bad folders, but I am sure I have not done so correctly. And I am getting emails going to spam in my business email address all of a sudden which are not spam and I’m not sure how to rectify this. I put them in Train good, but it is in the wrong email address, they should be going to my personal email address, so I am totally confused. I’m sure I did this when I tried to set up the drone thing.

Yes, they can both filter spam if you turn off auto-training. Or you could simply wait to decommission the Mac mini unit you get home.

What about the remote training setup is not working as you expected?

If you look in SpamSieve’s Log window, does it say Predicted: Spam for these messages?

It’s OK to use the TrainGood mailbox for a different account. Or you could create one such mailbox for each account.

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I move the spam or good emails to the Train good or train bad and they stay there. They do not get moved by the drone. I am not sure if I need to do the train good, train bad before I move them where they should go?

I just finally looked at the log and it’s doing more than I realized. I see a couple from today that were predicted spam that were good, but they would be new emails.

I do have a Train good and train bad folder for all 3 email addresses, so that is why I was surprised to find some personal in my work email. But, probably most of my spam looks normal as someone must have sold my email address and that was my work email. I never got spam in my personal email until recently and sometimes it can be hard to discern what is what,

This suggests that either the remote training rule is not set up or that you have not received new messages in the inbox (which is what triggers Mail to apply the rule).

I don’t really understand what you’re reporting here. Could you give a specific example of what happened with a message and what you expected to happen instead?

I will have to try to work on the remote training. I had a feeling it wasn’t set up correctly. For the 3 email addresses, I have one personal apple mail email address, then my work email address and an Outlook address that I use to back up my work email if necessary. I added a Train good and Train bad folder to each email address. Does that help?

The names of the mailboxes must be TrainGood and TrainSpam.

Oh, ok, I will change them and see how it goes.