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New documents – approaches

I have read 5.2.4 and Clay Moore’s post, etc, but I would like some more guidance as to the best workflow when opening new documents eg a Word doc.

I can’t save it to EF because EF won’t recognise it so I have to capture it (front wondow) or alternatively open the doc from stationery previously saved in EF’s app support library.

Am I on the right lines?

What about a doc that is not supported – a PowerPoint presentation for instance, or an Avenir/StoryMill script?

Otherwise I guess I have to save in another place and remember to archive them regularly…

I would appreciate a little hand-holding on this one please.

You can save any type of file as stationery; they are all supported. So I think that’s the easiest way to make a new file and open it from the library.

Alternatively, you could save it into the “To Import” folder, close the window, and then open the newly imported file from EagleFiler.