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New Lifehacker format causes import heartburn for Eagelfiler

I have used Eagelfiler a lot to capture pages from Lifehacker. About a week ago, Lifehacker changed their format and their URL naming convention, and Eaglefiler now has trouble importing. I have seen two issues.

First, LH now has an exclamation mark in their URLs, like:
When I try to import this by dragging the URL icon to the drop-pad, the exclamation mark comes in encoded as %21:
which for some reason gets re-directed to the main LH web page, not the article page.

Second, if I fix this encoding and try importing the original URL directly, Eaglefiler does get to the right page, but then seems to have trouble with the new page format. Sometimes it partially imports, sometimes nothing at all. Looks like LH is doing so very sneaky games, so this may be a nasty one to fix. But I am hoping! Eaglefiler has been an invaluable tool for capturing these web pages and i hate to think what I might have to do if this stops working.

Here’s an explanation of what these URLs are doing.

I’m not seeing that encoding problem when dragging the URL to the Drop Pad. Which application are you dragging from? Which version of Mac OS X are you using?

Thanks for the report. If you contact me via e-mail I’ll let you know when I have a fix ready. In the meantime, you can use Safari’s File > Save command to have it create the Web archive instead of EagleFiler.