"New Message" Sound repeats


I use SpamSieve with Apple Mail. Since upgrading to SpamSieve 3 I find that when a new message arrives, I hear the ‘New Message’ sound, and then, a minute or so later, I hear it again.

I have Mail’s “New messages sound” set to None, so I’m assuming the sound comes from SpamSieve. Any reason why I should hear it repeatedly?


SpamSieve does have an option to play its own sound. You can see in the Log window which new messages arrived that SpamSieve is notifying you about.

I’m having exactly the same problem. In the log I can see that SS is classifying the emails twice. The first time has a right-pointing arrow next to it, the second has an arrow chasing itself. A minority of emails are classified only once.

You can see what the Origin line of the log says, but it’s possible that this is happening because the same message is being processed by both the Mail extension and the Check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension feature. I’m investigating how to prevent this, or at least prevent double notifications, but in the meantime there are three potential workarounds:

  • You can turn off the Mail extension in Mail’s settings (but not in SpamSieve). Then the messages will only be processed once, though after a slight delay.

  • You can turn off Check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension. Then the messages will only be processed once, but some might not be processed at all, if Mail is misbehaving.

  • You can set SpamSieve to check for new unread messages much more often, e.g. every 3 seconds. Then any double-filtering will happen so close together that SpamSieve will consider it a single batch of messages so you only get one notification.